The Domino Effect

I was a little intrigued when I read this. If was a reference to a broader topic of the ” domino effect”. A very simple (simple is good ..see my previous blog….) theory that one act leads to another and then another but often not as expected or predicted

I think we have all seen this on a fitness basis ie you go for a run for example and it then makes you think differently about what food you may have that evening.  In my case I seem to think about chocolate for the entire run and it doesn’t dissipate until some has been eaten.  In this context, the logic is – if you want to lose weight, don’t create a plan to lose weight but think about two to three steps in front of this which then has a consequence of losing weight..


In a work or business context it’s a lot more interesting because it’s a more formal recognition that acts are never in isolation to others and the more we understand this the more we are going to be positive or negative to a certain course of action   The summary as I see it as follows

Start with something that is motivating and is a relatively small task. These two dimensions are critical..You need to be motivated in the first place because otherwise you are kidding yourself that you really want to do it and that normally means a great list of excuses why you shouldn’t do it.  Doing something small sounds obvious as well – try something too big and it becomes something that often doesn’t start properly and certainly doesn’t finish properly.

The critical piece to this theory though isn’t worrying about the results, the focus should be about what you are doing within that task and how it is positively effecting you, it becomes a “habit”.  The follow on then is to let the momentum of finishing the first task follow through to the second task and so on and so on..


The Domino Effect is about progress, not results. Simply maintain the momentum. Let the process repeat as one domino automatically knocks down the next.


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