CSC’s Technology and Sales Conference 2016

As the name tells us, this was the combined annual sales and technology conference for CSC.  In the past these two events have been held separately, even in different cities – presumably the thought of having the salesman being rewarded for the undeliverable tech solution was quite a risk.  These days and thankfully, it is recognised that we must act as a single joined up organisation.

And for the first time I can recall, Dan Hushon, announced excellence awards for the Project and Program management community

The opening remarks, made by Mike Lawrie (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer) had one key theme – What does it mean to lead the digital transformation? 

Mike including a number of core tenants to our ability to be successful:

Improving our ability to innovate and deliver across the offering lifecycle, better connecting build with sell and deliver

Learning all we can about the market, technology shifts, the needs of our clients and the strength of our offerings

Building relationships and collaborating with our colleagues, partners and clients

Strengthening our value proposition and brand presence

Mike’s keynote address can be found here (behind CSC’s global pass):  keynote address

Mike emphasised the critical importance of everyone that works for CSC and the attached video was also played::

Finally, Mike summarised a number of significant acquisitions, UXC, Fruition and Fixnetix.  And much to the pride of all UK employees sited 3 example of excellence – all of which came from the UK – namely, Met Police, NHS and Zurich

As part of the Conference, there is a big focus on recognition and in this context, there were the following announced – see reference details at the end of this note. This ranged from Sales and Technology excellence, the next cohort of Distinguished Architects and Engineers and the Platinum circle achievers

What about the technology – that was why we were here of course.  As outlined above the theme was very focused on the Technology Shifts and all presentations, breakouts and discussions converged on them. (Details in reference section).  For me, there were a number of specific highlights

  • Chris Swan on the four pillars of modern infrastructure ( –
  • How we won the Met Police
  • Our emerging Big Data product portfolio
  • Open Mic session on Cloud Management platforms
  • Regional CTO session (Glen Robinson), where Dan Hushon spent a noticeable amount of time with us emphasising the importance our region is. In this discussion we got an excellent overview of core activities from Consulting, GIS itself, core Accounts, and our Apps business
  • Using Agility in a “real” hybrid cloud platform context
  • Dev platforms and usage

Interestingly at the end of each session was a quick (multiple choice) quiz which was made available by an app downloaded at Techcom. Whilst multiple choice it kept us focused on the core messages..Editor note: I am getting these questions uploaded into an online form for more people to be tested on…)

On a lighter note – I managed to go for a run at 6am every morning and this was quite often the only time I saw daylight – it was a very packed (perhaps a little too packed at times) agenda . I stayed at the Mariott which is their largest hotel in the World – a mere 2200 rooms – a little mind boggling at times.  I did find it a little incongruous that as we were going from one conference room to another, there were holiday makers going to the very large pool outside…

This is a fantastic networking opportunity as well and managed to catch up with many many colleagues both old and new….

I did tweet a lot of my thoughts – so feel free to see them on @neilfagan

Reference material/links (note some need CSC login)

Technology Excellence

Sales Excellence

 Platinum Circle achievers

Distinguished Architects and Distinguished Engineers


Video from our own Andy Roberts: video

Whilst at Techcom, a number of microcourses were recorded live The courses, under 10 minutes each and delivered by SMEs, cover a range of topics including the key shifts, teleporting a knowledge worker, career development and mentoring.
CSC Digital Journeys app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for great client-facing content.


Journey to the Digital Enterprise:

Individual papers:



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