Social media madness

I am a firm advocate of social media but it feels to me a little out of control and unless I have missed something there is a gap in the market…

I have a profile on facebook – both a home and business version, twitter, linkedin, google+, pinterest and then at least two work hosted collaboration sites.

Is it just me that thinks “where should I post this” or does everyone else have a much more compartmentalised life…

If I go for a run, it records it on Stava which then uploads to my facebook – I don’t connect it to anything else because I don’t think my twitter followers for example would be that interested – or would they…

If I have something really “important” to say, do I have to post it to all of these social media sites..

I have work “friends” on facebook and I have home contacts on twitter but there is no uniformity

There are social media aggregators such a Tweetdeck but isn’t’ that simply proliferating the problem..Is there going to be a “winner” between these different sites or at least a better segregation?

Is it now more akin to Xbox vs Playstation – it shows more about you personality which is your “home” site…

So – where do I post this then….





2 thoughts on “Social media madness

  1. Welcome to the attention economy. Much like the television of old, we knew where to invest our attention because we only had a choice of a few channels, now we have no idea where to even start. Then along came NetFlix (Amazon, etc.) and now we watch on demand, in some ways Slack could be viewed as the NetFlix of Social Networking.


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